That’s simple – we’re the people who want to produce the best professional wrestlers in the world. Fighting Evolution Wrestling strives to provide you with the essential basics to succeed in the competitive world of professional wrestling. Our mission is to deliver superior training, excellent service, and we want to do it all at affordable prices that can fit any budget.
At Fighting Evolution Wrestling, we’ve secured our reputation as one of the premier professional wrestling training facilities in the industry. We work hard to set the industry standards, and we prove that by working with names like Elijah Burke, Teddy Long, and WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons. The F.E.W. training center is under the supervision of owner “Showtime” JB Cool. He’s a veteran pro wrestler and, as lead trainer, he works inside the ring alongside our students.

At our wrestling school in Miami, we focus on teaching students the most efficient ring techniques, the essentials of ring psychology, and most important of all, safety. Our classes are cardio intense, and even if you’re not currently “in ring” shape, we’ll work to get you there! No prior conditioning is required to participate in our program, although we do recommend it.
We train our athletes the same way the WWE, TNA, and other promotions around the world like in JAPAN & MEXICO prefer their athletes to be trained. Our ultimate goal is to take you from where you are right now and turn you into a professional. To that end, we strive to offer the highest quality wrestling training in Miami, and your safety and satisfaction our greatest concerns.

The F.E.W. programs are open to men and women who are at least 18 years of age (17 with signed parental consent). The program is one year long, and it’s designed to determine if you’ve got what it takes to be a Pro Wrestler, Valet, Commentator, or Referee. There  are also opportunities behind the scenes for Ring crew, marketing & promotions, and production assistants.
We’ll test and train your resolve, charisma, and physical abilities. The 12-month program is broken down into four sessions of three months each. We also have fitness programs available for those individuals who are just looking to get into great shape.

Our experienced F.E.W. staff is ready to take you through our program. You’ll receive a T-shirt with your first payment towards tuition, and you can wear that bad boy with pride.
Remember, Basic Classes focus on ring technique, the fundamentals of ring psychology, and most importantly, safety.

Fighting Evolution Training wants to help you hone in and perfect your in-ring wrestling abilities. During advanced training, you’ll learn more progressive techniques and move-sets, ring psychology, and about delivering promos.
You will participate in training matches and receive personalized feedback on your technique and performance. Our dedicated staff or an invited guest will review your skills and offer you advice on how to improve your in-ring abilities. 
We want to help you develop your skills, and these classes are for those who have graduated from the core training program and are looking to be offered a spot in one of our shows, and for amateurs looking to take their performance to the next level.

Whether you’re a seasoned ring veteran looking to improve your craft, a new talent trying to find their way into the world of professional wrestling, or someone who wants to find better health and fitness, F.E.W. has something for you!
Contact us today for more information on our programs If you are ready to take the first steps toward your new pro wrestling career, we’re ready to help!