F.E.W. Training Program

If you would you like a career in professional wrestling and you’re interested in learning how to get started…Well look no more and let Fighting Evolution Wrestling provide you with the necessary fundamentals to succeed in the world of professional wrestling. We provide superior quality training, first-class service, and an unbeatable affordable plan to fit all budgets!!!

We are fully licensed and insured. We are the only training facility in and around Miami. Located in sunny Miami Gardens with easy access to the Tri-rail, Miami-Dade Bus depot, Golden Glades interchange that services I-95, 826/Palmetto Expressway, & the Florida Turnpike.
Fighting Evolution Wrestling, “Only the F.E.W. Survive” Training program has already earned a superior reputation far above from any other training facility in South Florida. By not only providing exemplary service and total client satisfaction in Pro Wrestling training, we continue to surpass our customer’s expectations before we even open the door! We are the first and only to offer TRANSPORTATION services!!!

We do a variety from airport pick-ups & Tri-rail pick-ups, to full-day or evening service to & from your home!! No more “I don’t have a ride or way there” excuses! F.E.W. Transportation can and will provide you the services you need from your point of origin.

Fighting Evolution Wrestling is recognized around South Florida as one of the finest professional wrestling training facilities in the industry. FEW continue that goal by having worked with the likes of: Teddy Long, Elijah Burke, and Yoshi Tatsu. FEW’s training center is under the supervision of owner “Showtime” JB Cool as lead trainer who is a veteran pro wrestler in his own right. JB works inside the ring right along with the students.

The program is open to men and women who are at least 18 years of age, (*1 16 with signed parental consent-see below). The program is designed to determine if you have resolve, charisma, and physical ability to become a Pro Wrestler, Manager, Valet, Commentator, or Referee. The answer to your question is YES.. all mentioned have to train! We will challenge your body. This 12-month program is broke down into four (4) three (3) month sessions. The training hours of operation are as follows:

The FEW Basic Class:
Monday – Thursday: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Sunday: 10am – 1:00pm

Open Training and Advanced Students:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm


Class Overview

  • Trained by the experienced staff of F.E.W.
  • You will receive a T-shirt upon first payment towards tuition.
  • Main purpose of class is to teach Ring Technique, Basic Ring Psychology, and most importantly SAFETY!!
  • Classes are Cardio Intensive. If you are not “in ring” shape it’s OK! The purpose is to help get you there! No prior conditioning is necessary but is highly recommended!
  • Fighting Evolution Wrestling trains its athletes the way WWE, TNA, & new JAPAN partner prefers their athletes to be trained.
  • You DO NOT need a license in Florida. However, in some states you do.


Advanced Training

Fighting Evolution Wrestling is dedicated to honing your in-ring wrestling abilities. During the sessions, you will learn more advanced training techniques and move-sets, Ring Psychology, Delivering promo’s, you will participate in matches and receive direct feedback on your performance with offered critiques on how to improve your in-ring ability by the staff or invited guest. This class is meant for those who have graduated beyond basic training, Looking to be offered a spot on our shows, and also for amateurs looking to move to the next level.
Whether you are a savvy ring veteran looking to sharpen your craft or new talent looking to find their way, F.E.W. has something for you!  Please contact us by email or phone if you have any further questions about the program not answered here. At the end of the program, You will have a few options as follows:

  1. You can forgo graduation and walk away because it’s not for you.
  2. Invitation to the Advanced Class (If pre-requisites are met)
  3. May be offered a full or part time job to work for F.E.W.



  1. Must have wrestling boots, wrestling shoes, or sneakers.
  2. Long sleeve gym shirt (preferable) to work out in & an extra one to go home in
  3. Bring a towel.
  4. Bring water or buy water that will be available
  5. You must assist with ring duties, cleaning, and our TV show as well as our in-house shows. It’s part of your training. Date(s) and Day(s) TBD.
  6. Must maintain mandatory three (3) to four (4) days a week in attendance. No excuses.
  7. Students may not inquire, solicit, partake in any outside bookings, try-outs, or seminars without written consent.
  8. Students are not to have visitors inside the facility without prior approval.

*Failure to respect these rules, will result in review & possible suspension from the program.

*An added perk is the possibility of even appearing on F.E.W. Television!!! This is at the discretion of the FEW Staff.

F.E.W. Tuition
You have four (4) options to choose from as follows:

  1. $1,500: Pay in full (Pro Wrestler training)
  2. Manager Training Tuition – $1,000
  3. Referee Training Tuition- $500
  4. Valet Training Tuition – $500
  5. Commentator Tuition – $500
  6. $150: ***Monthly (see below)
  7. $75: ****Two week trial (see below)

You can either walk-in to our office or fill out the application online. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE.

You can use your bank account/e-checks (bill pay), Check, credit or debit card, PayPal or Money Order. Cash will be accepted only in person. Payments are non-refundable. All checks to be made out to: I.VIZION, LLC

As in any form of sport or entertainment, there are no guarantees in pro wrestling—Only opportunities. If you’re local to South Florida or plan on moving here and want a career in Pro Wrestling, no one gives you the best chance for success like Fighting Evolution Wrestling.


*1-You may begin training at the age of 16. This option is available with Parental consent. This will be a notarized agreement and waiver holding harmless I.Vizion, LLC d\b\a Fighting Evolution Wrestling. You will assume full responsibility and liability of the minor.

2**-This is a monthly payment plan. At the end of your three (3) month period, there will be a balance of $50 due before you can begin the next (3) months of training. Then & only then you will have the option(s) to: pay the balance in full, pay monthly, or take advantage of the credit option.

3***-This option is only available for the first two (2) weeks of training only. No other time will it be honored.

Fighting Evolution Wrestling would like to remind you that it’s a full contact sports entertainment company and students and professionals are trained athletes. You should never try to copy what they do in and out of the ring. Our program requires a degree of skill and risk. All students, visitors, and spectators assume full responsibility and liability outside the scope of our place of business and events. Copyright © 2015 Fighting Evolution Wrestling