Jeff Brazzle aka JB Cool

The owner of Fighting Evolution Wrestling and an independent wrestler that works throughout the United States and compete internationally with noted work for WWE, TNA, Urban Wrestling Alliance, NWA-Florida Underground, Dominican Wrestling Entertainment and countless other independents.

JB Cool has been in and around the wrestling scene for about 17 years. Cool cites his influences from the likes of; 2 Cold Scorpio/Flash Funk, Dusty Rhodes, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Bret “Hitman” Hart & The Rock.

“Soulman” Alex G

He started his professional wrestling training in his 20’s under “The Great Professor” Boris Malenko in Tampa, Florida. Soulman trained alongside guys like X-Pac, Dean and Joe Malenko, Tom Nash (1/2 of the Blackhearts), “Black Magic” Norman Smiley, and Gangrel.

Other promotions that he has worked for include World Championship Wrestling, the Global Wrestling Alliance (an outlaw promotion of the Global Wrestling Federation) in Florida, World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas, Union of Wrestling Forces International in Japan, Florida Championship Wrestling, as well as numerous tours of Mexico, Puerto Rico (World Wrestling Council), and Japan.

Fighting Evolution Wrestling-Training Station

is in it’s 1st year of operation. We have already surpassed goals that were set due to our attention to detail on what prospective students would want to see and need from a pro wrestling training school. What makes us different and attractive is that we have a fully functional production office for students to help promote themselves. We also have a weight room, a promotional vehicle for door to door, water stations, front office & amenities, air conditioned facility and not to mention, two (2) trainers that bring notable celebrity credibility to the facility. The names include working with current & former WWE superstars such as: Former Smackdown General Manger Teddy Long, WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons, current WWE Superstar Konner (The Ascension), WWE Legend The Boogeyman, Former WWE/WCW/ECW Superstar 2 Cold Scorpio, Former WWE  & current TNA Impact Superstar Pope Elijah Burke & TNA Knockout Rebel.

Advanced Training

Both trainers lead the advanced classes. It is where the students are most advantageous due to the fact they get to learn the different unique techniques from both trainers. This is very beneficial in helping their Ring Psychology. That is the art of learning the in’s & out’s of the ring itself, their in-ring ability to adapt to different styles while applying their own technique and pacing. Having also the production capabilities, it’s mandatory for students to learn how to present & speak on camera-cut a promo. Learning how to speak clearly & concisely within a certain time frame (usually up to 30 sec to 1min-sometimes more) and having this ability can and will win you the match before you even get in the ring. It is also an opportunity for the students to let the wrestling world know who they are.