Question: Where is the school located?
Answer: 18371 NE 4th ct / Miami, Fl 33179. We are in Sunny Miami Gardens with access to the Florida Turnpike & Golden Glades interchange. From I-95 exit Miami Gardens drive & head west to NE 2ct and make a right. Follow the road around (Bus depot/Lot on your right) to NE 4th ct and make a right, then a left inside of Genet Property group warehouse complex.

Question: How long has this school been open?
Answer: Since 2015.

Question: How old do I need to be to start training?
Answer: We prefer a student to be at least 18 years old & 16 with a parent/legal guardian’s consent.

Question: Do the owner and trainers have experience training wrestlers?
Answer: Yes. JB Cool ran majority of training for 5+ years in a different facility and has branched out into having his own professional wrestling company, production, & school unlike any other seen in South Florida. Alex G is responsible for training current WWE Superstar Konner (The Ascension), Former WWE Superstar MVP, & of course JB Cool himself along with countless others. Combined, we have over 30 years experience from different paths in professional wrestling.

Question: What kind of clothes should I wear for training?
Answer: Comfortable clothes you would workout in. It is also recommended that you have elbow pads and knee pads and to bring an extra shirt. YES, we train hard so we sweat hard!

Question: I don’t drive, can my ride sit in on training?
Answer: Not without approval. However, if approved, there are no interruptions (cell phone, walking in & out, talking) during training.

Question: May I video record training?
Answer: Yes, as long as the trainer is okay with what you are recording. We also provide that option to you.

Question: I cannot afford any of the rates. Can I still train?
Answer: No.

Question: How do I know I am getting the best training?
Answer: Do your research. Between JB Cool and Alex G, they have and currently work with some of the top names in the business today! Names such as: Dean Malenko, Norman Smiley, Teddy Long, The Boogeyman, WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons, Konner (Ascension), Elijah Burke, Rebel, 2 Cold Scorpio and the list goes on. Each trainer has has experience working on TV, been to WWE camps, wrestled internationally, worked for years in front of large crowds, and each trainer has made a living off of professional wrestling. We also provide many connections and opportunities we all have made over the years.

Question: I’m already a trained wrestler and just want some ring there a cost?
Answer: Yes. If we have to cut on the lights, then you have to pay a price. The rates are low enough to accommodate any situation.

Question: How long will it take for me to have my first match?
Answer: That depends on your progression. Some have only taken 6 months while others have taken more than a year. Once you are ready, we will suggest you start out in smaller companies to build your resume, that can eventually get you tryouts in larger companies.

Question: Do I stop training once I have my first match?
Answer: NO. You learn every day! However, your trainers cannot tell you what you can do and what you cannot do, but it is definitely encouraged to always train. The trainers at this school have been doing this for over fifteen-plus years and they still train and get ring time in order to stay in shape and to help new students progress to obtain success in the professional wrestling industry. Any professional athlete practices behind the scenes between games or events in order to keep their game up to a high level. Even if you only do this for fun, it is still highly recommended to try to stay in shape and keep your skills sharpened in order to execute moves safely and in the most effective manner rather than wasting your time.